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Dolat Capital is a multi strategy quantitative investment firm, trading in various financial markets. Our firm was started by a legendary trader Dolatbhai Shah who provided two sided markets in non listed equity derivates in India, in 1971. We’re a Math and Technology company. We’re scientists and engineers working as a team to solve one of the most difficult problems in the world. We’re seeking scientists, engineers and academics to help us seek connections in financial data. Our team constantly works towards innovation and is dedicated to producing superior returns by adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.

What we do

Dolat Capital brings a scientific approach to trading financial products. We have built one of the most sophisticated computing environments for research and development. At Dolat we are physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians and engineers. We research and use applied mathematics, and techniques from modern statistics to develop and refine models of the financial markets and to develop trading algorithms based on those models. Our team constantly tries to innovate in the world of quantitative trading and investment strategies. We’ve have assembled a team of outstanding researchers, engineers and traders who have built fast, intelligent computer driven quantitative trading systems. As a firm we employ a diverse set of trading strategies across various asset classes on electronic exchanges.


Our core engineering team is integral in building and implementing Dolat's cutting-edge trading technology, designing highly interactive and responsive applications with performance, scalability, usability, and security in mind.

We seek candidates with a strong foundational knowledge of technologies, who love to problem solve and are driven to constantly build on their expertise. Our core engineering team designs, codes, tests, and maintains our high-performance, distributed systems that enable trading on various financial exchanges and processing large datasets on powerful computing grids.

We've one of the fastest, versatile and robust electronic trading system, to support our diversified quantitative trading strategies.We consider our firm as much as a technology company as a quantitative trading firm.

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our talented team of engineers, scientists, researchers and traders team up to design and develop the software, hardware, advanced networks and algorithms that drive our trading strategies. They anticipate change and continuously innovate, seeking new ways to sustain our success. At Dolat we recognize the best ideas regardless of hierarchy. Anyone can make an impact and everyone is encouraged to do so. Dolat is an incredible place to develop as an engineer. From low latency networking to compilers to systems design, you can find people with deep experience who are eager to teach you what they know.

There’s also a collaborative environment with a culture of inquiry and teaching that encourages people to grow their capabilities. We know there’s still a lot for us to learn and are always looking for people who can help us fill in the gaps. Our new hires work along with experienced engineers and learn advanced skills in C++, Python, SDLC, and test automation.

This will also give you opportunities to learn about all aspects of our advanced technology infrastructure and to contribute to the work of our engineering group that performs a wide variety of functions, including designing, implementing, and optimizing our trading platform; developing systems that provide easy access to market data and trading simulations; create tools to analyze data for patterns; and providing real-time trade support and risk management.

It’s also a great place to learn about the financial markets. Technology is deeply tied to our business, which is why we spend a lot of effort making sure that new hires learn about all aspects of our role in the markets. You don’t need to know anything about trading to come work here, but if you do come, you’ll have the opportunity to learn. We organize our work into small, project-oriented teams, each with the independence and responsibility to make decisions that impact the future of the firm.

That makes it easier to see how the business works from end to end, and how you can contribute. The scope of the systems we build is large. Each person has the opportunity to make a substantial impact.


Dolat Capital is not a conventional company, and we don’t intend to become one. Even though we have the characteristics of a successful organization – our main focus is on innovation and smart work practices, even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small-company feel. Dolat has the opportunity and spirit of a small tech startup and the stability of an established, experienced firm.

Our casual atmosphere, culture of continuous learning and innovation, and philosophy of rewarding outstanding performance based on merit rather than tenure or title has attracted brilliant people from various backgrounds. We are disciples of automation and efficiency in trading in electronic markets. We value continuous learning from the markets and from each other. We value our people at Dolat and pride ourselves on being a diverse set of individuals.

Collaboration sets us apart when it comes to problem solving. We count among our many brilliant minds, and we've seen that our best ideas are born in a shared research and development environment. Dolat is a place of deep curiosity and constant collaboration, with some of the brightest, most passionate people you’ll meet.

Institutional equities

To capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunity; we uncover meaningful insights that transcend today’s markets. But we cannot gain these insights alone—we collaborate with our clients to define opportunities together. The opportunity to innovate, perform, and excel. The opportunity to set new standards of market efficiency, client success, and institutional excellence. The opportunity to see in new ways and execute upon new ideas.

For our clients, for our partners, for the market as a whole. We are empanelled with all the leading domestic and foreign institutional investors, asset managers, bank treasury, insurance companies and pension funds.

Our client base is currently over 1000 institutions and spans across India and the Asia Pacific, and we're continuously adding more clients. Our Edge Consistent, competitive and fair prices. That’s what we stand for. At Dolat we strive for fast response, tight spreads and have the capacity for large block-size trades in a wide range of financial products even under difficult market conditions.

We combine our sophisticated technology with a thorough understanding of the underlying markets. Our unique long-term experience, risk management and market obligations mean that market participants benefit through lower liquidity risk and lower implicit transaction costs. Our clients gain access to our proprietary pricing tools, and proprietary research in equities, options and futures.

Our clients have access to our extensive Dolat’s execution desk that provides real time market intelligence for implementing trading ideas. Our execution trading desk consists of experienced equities, futures and options traders that provide anonymous optimal execution. We also offer research and execution services in FX instruments in OTC market, in forwards/futures under our group company LC Raheja Forex.



At Dolat group, innovation and creativity keeps our projects evolving and improving. Our consistency comes from our Dolat members – smart, amazing people who foster an environment of collaboration. We nurture a stimulating, positive environment by hiring brilliant, talented, people who share our commitment to thrive towards excellence with an open mind. Dolat members flourish in small, focused teams in high-energy environment, and are passionate about their work. We’re always on the look-out for new brilliant Dolat members.

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